TriSpacer drop fork:
Easy back and set down plant pots.

Variable number of tines

depending on the pot portfolio, we customize your TriSpacer for you

2000 mm tine length

Suitable for your buffer belt width and large transport quantities

Flexible pot size

a hydraulic adjustment allows you to quickly adjust the TriSpacer to any pot size – even while working!

Variable carrier vehicles

TriSpacer fits all existing carrier vehicles, from forklifts to yard loaders, thanks to the hydraulic drive system

“Time is money” – this is true for all horticultural businesses and certainly also in your company. Therefore, in-house transport and moving of (young) plants, containers and plant pots must also be streamlined and simplified. In particular, the spacing of container crops is becoming increasingly relevant, as plants are rarely placed immediately at final spacing for better use of the total area, but are spaced according to growth.

Our pot shifting fork TriSpacer facilitates the handling of plant pots and containers in the open air or greenhouse on paved grounds. The display and back of potted plants in soil cultures is labor-intensive and monotonous – yet the back ensures better development of the plants and thus higher yield! With the set-down fork, you can conveniently transport plant pots of various sizes in a triangular formation and set them at a distance.

The TriSpacer is also ideal as a placement and transport fork for containers with taller plants. Young plants can be moved and moved particularly gently. The skip fork is mounted on your forklift or wheel loader and connected via an auxiliary hydraulic circuit. With a width of up to 2200 mm (variant 1) and a tine length of 2000 mm, a maximum of 8 pot rows can be accommodated. Depending on the pot portfolio and customer requirements, the TriSpacer can be adapted to your needs. Hydraulic pot width adjustment and side shifting make a TriSpacer variable across your complete portfolio. With a set-down speed of 3-5 km/h, far more containers can be moved than would be possible by hand.

“We developed the TriSpacer to make handling pot and container cultures easier. It saves you time and money.”


The TriSpacer Drop fork
is currently delivered in two variants.

Fork Var. 1Fork Var. 2
Width (mm)22002300
Length tines (mm)20002000
Pot size (l)1 – 51,5 – 7,5
Top rows88
Tine width (mm)3030
Mounting on wheel loaderuniversaluniversal
Connection to wheel loaderhydraulic additional circuit
+ 12V on-board voltage
hydraulic additional circuit
+ 12V on-board voltage
Pot width adjustmentvariablevariable
Side shiftvariablevariable
max. Settling speed3 – 5 km/h3 – 5 km/h
Tare weight (kg)450460
max. Payload (kg)600600


With a TriSpacer, your entire pot portfolio can be moved.


The proven components from agricultural engineering ensure a stable machine and long, trouble-free working days.


The operating concept of the TriSpacer is clear and easy to use.


The TriSpacer can be adjusted to the next task during work at the “push of a button”.


The TriSpacer
for efficient handling, set down and back of young plants and containers.

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