RayMow pruning machine:
Efficient pruning technology for horticulture and nurseries.

Cutting width

Adapted to your bedding system 1.2 m – 6 m

Work performance

3 m = approx. 13500 heather plants/min.

Vehicle concept

Three-wheel concept for working in confined spaces

Cutting height

100 mm- 400 mm (stepless in ranges of 100mm)

Are you looking for a large pruning machine so you can rearrange your bed system? Do you want to produce 10-20% more plants on the existing pot area? It’s been bothering you for a long time that you can’t design your beds optimally due to a lack of pruning technique?

The RayMow is the solution to this challenge, thanks to the possibility of customizing the machine to your bedding system, we can take into account your operational needs and design the machine according to your requirements.

So far, we have built the RayMow in working widths of 3 m-3.5 m. With adaptations, however, significantly larger working widths can also be realized.

The traction drive is realized by a converted lawn tractor; the drive of the mowing units is realized by an additional motor. For larger working widths and future vehicles, we can design the drive according to customer requirements – even as an electric drive.

With this system, you can reach a new level of productivity: you can now reduce the work of days to the work of hours.

You save working time and may get through the season with fewer employees. This saves you time and money in your production. By pruning more frequently, you can increase your product quality. For example, you have the opportunity to achieve a better stocking of your plants under good growing conditions and an additional pruning.

“The RayMow increases your productivity with wider bed systems and your product quality with the ability to mow more frequently”


The RayMow pruning machine
is currently available in two variants.

Weight (kg)14001800
Working width 3 m3,5 m
Engine / Power2 x gasoline 11 kW2 x gasoline 11 kW
Transport width2,5 m2,5 m
Transport length3,5 m4 m
Transport height2 m2 m


RayMow – pruning machine
efficient pruning technique.

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