SolidJack transport fork:
The patented solution for stable, modular transport forks.

2000 mm tine length

Suitable for your buffer belt width and large transport quantities.

Variable number of tines

Depending on your pot portfolio, we will customize your SolidJack for you.

Variable carrier vehicles

SolidJack fits all carrier vehicles thanks to the FEM2 tine mount.

Pot size

We customize the tine type and spacing to fit your pot sizes.

“Rigid, simple transport forks are plentiful!” – That’s true, but the SolidJack combines countless features that came up again and again in discussions with customers and prospective customers. With the SolidJack, we have completely rethought the transport fork from the tine to the pick-up on the carrier vehicle. The result is a patented solution that was not previously available on the market.

Our engineers have come up with a clever design for your new tool. Thanks to the tines clamped over the sturdy 4KT tube, the SolidJack can also be adapted to your needs later on. However, the real innovation is in the design of the tines. These are made of high-strength steel, the load capacity of which is twice that of normal structural steel. For the series launch of the new Solid Jack, there will also be a quick-release fastener for mounting on the carrier vehicle.

Our SolidJack convinces with its modularity, high stability, outstanding quality, fast delivery and last but not least its good price.

Particularly stable tines made of high-strength steel and the wear skid at the front of the tine make the SolidJack stable and resistant in use. It is usable for different carrier vehicles and can therefore be used in any environment. The freely selectable tine position makes the SolidJack an ideal long-term purchase, as it can be adapted at any time to changing variables (for example, when the pot manufacturer changes or the pot size changes).

“SolidJack: not just a rigid transport fork, but an evolution from the real world.”


The SolidJack fork
is available in these variants.

Bed width (m)1,8- 6
Transport width (m)1,8 – 6
Transport height (m)0,8
PotsAccording to customer requirement
Total weight*(depending on configuration, plus weight of pots)108 kg (17 pot 1.8m) – 720 kg (9 pot 6m)
* Depending on the pot, eg. 17 pot 60kg/m, 9 pot 120kg/m

High stability

The use of high-strength sheet metal for our patented tine structure ensures high stability and outstanding resistance in daily use.


Your SolidJack transport fork or its tines – upper parts can be adjusted for any application and pot spacing. The tine position can be freely selected and later changed at any time.


No matter how your conditions change, the SolidJack keeps up: usable for different carrier vehicles and adaptable to all environmental variables.

Quickly available

The modular design enables cost- and space-efficient warehousing of all components, so that we can usually produce orders within 5 working days.


The SolidJack
solid solution for price-conscious top logistics.

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