FlappJack transport fork:
Efficient pot logistics for horticulture and nurseries.

Bed width

For a wide variety of bed widths from 3 – 8 m and bed systems with paths, spacing and without.

Transport height

Different transport heights from 1.7- 3.5 m depending on the desired working width (see table further down the page)

Transport width

Depending on the bed width, this results in transport widths of 1.5 – 4 m

Pot size

We customize the tine type and spacing to fit your pot sizes.

Do you have narrow greenhouses and wide logistics routes running through existing buildings? But you still want top logistics that can move a large number of containers in a short time? The FlappJack is your solution for this!
The folding mechanism behind the potting fork gives you the option of folding a powerful wide potting fork for narrow driveways, small doorways and old greenhouses. This will allow you to use your old buildings longer and have a greater return on your existing paid buildings.

Folding fork Flappjack in height seed2soil
Folding fork full width seed2soil

You can establish a very efficient logistics chain for your container plants despite your existing buildings. Where today you still need two forklifts with narrow forks to move the container quantities, with the folding fork, one employee and one forklift you can even move more pots due to the low non-productive times. They neatly and straight stocking wide beds and completely use the buffer belt on the potting machine.

The FlappJack can be attached to various existing carrier vehicles. It is important to have available hydraulics and ideally one or even two free control units/valves for the movement of the fork. We can also respond to your operational requirements with the flexibility of the attached pot forks. No matter what pot, grid or ways you want, we can meet your needs in the design of transport forks.

Our goal is the perfect transport tongs for your affordable and efficient top logistics!

seed2soil explained

Videos about the product:

FlappJack 4000

The transport fork for bed widths from 4 to 5 m and a transport width between 2 and 2.5 m.

FlackJack 7000

The transport fork for bed widths of up to 8 m and a transport width between 3.5 and 4 m.

“A new standard in in-plant top logistics that adapts to your circumstances.”


The FlappJack folding fork
is available in many variants.

Bed width (m)3 – 44 – 55 – 66 – 77 – 8
Transport width (m)1,5 – 22 – 2,52,5 – 33 – 3,53,5 – 4
Transport height (m)1,7 1,923,53,5
PotsAccording to customer requirementAccording to customer requirementAccording to customer requirementAccording to customer requirementAccording to customer requirement
Weight folding frame (kg)50 – 8080 – 100100 – 120120 – 150150 – 200
Weight forks* (kg)180 – 480240 – 600300 – 720360 – 840420 – 960
Total weight (depending on configuration, plus weight of pots)230 kg (17 pot 3m) – 560 kg (9 pot 4m)320 kg (17 pot 4m) – 700 kg (9 pot 5m)400 kg (17 pot 5m) – 840 kg (9 pot 6m)480kg (17 pot 6m) – 990kg (9 pot 7m)570 kg (17 pot 7m) – 1160 kg (9 pot 8m)
* Depending on the pot, eg. 17 pot 60kg/m, 9 pot 120kg/m


The FlappJack transport dimensions allow efficient transport of a large number of pots on narrow paths and through low passageways (4-6m bed width can be reduced to 2-3m transport width).


Your FlappJack transport fork is individually adapted to your bedding systems. Spacing for paths between your beds can also be implemented.


With just one carrier vehicle, whether a forklift, wheel loader or yard loader, many container plants can be moved at once in tight existing buildings.

Tine length

The tine length of the transport forks can be adjusted to your needs and carrier vehicles. Up to 2 m are possible without further ado.


Different transport forks can be attached to the FlappJack folding module depending on the pot size and type.

Carrier vehicle

In principle, all existing vehicles can be adapted as carrier vehicles for the FlappJack.


The FlappJack
tailor-made solution for top logistics in a tight environment.

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