An innovative team
is waiting for your challenges.

Our mission

Breaking new ground for high-quality agricultural technology that helps shape our sustainable agriculture.

We want to help reduce the use of resources and energy in agriculture and enable the cultivation of high quality healthy food while supporting nature. We want to develop technology and agricultural engineering that will make the work of our farmers, nurserymen, gardeners and horticulturists easier and give them opportunities to make a good living from their farms. We want to give people jobs and, with an outstanding team of employees, drive many new developments that none of us could do alone.

Our experience

Agriculture and mechanical engineering hand in hand.

Agriculture International

Through our projects and our time with different agricultural machinery manufacturers, we were able to learn a lot in the world. We were allowed to look into production on many farms from North America to Europe to Russia and Africa.

Agricultural technology

We shareholders and many of our design staff have completed an apprenticeship before you start your studies. We all have a connection to and fascination with agricultural technology. Whether in private or at work.

Mechanical Engineering

We have a lot of experience in mechanical engineering, often building on a manual apprenticeship, we were then allowed to round off our practical knowledge with a mechanical engineering degree.

Product development

We love and live for the realization of ideas and know that only a good product gives pleasure to the farmer and also to our customers. The aim is always to ensure that all sides are happy with the cost and quality.


Through our experience in the development departments of leading agricultural machinery manufacturers, we know what a product that can be manufactured well must look like. Your new product needs to be loved by your manufacturing.


High product quality in your product ensures a low need for unplanned service calls and gives you the ability to distribute your products widely and in large numbers without hesitation.

“We have only this earth. Our drive is to use our work to preserve this earth in a way that conserves resources.”


Our employees are our greatest strength.

You want to develop yourself and believe that you fit to us and our philosophy? Sustainability, honesty and quality are important to you and agriculture is not foreign to you?

Then simply send us your resume on your own initiative. We know that everyone is only out there once and we like to expand our team with experienced people who fit well with our values and our team.