The maneuverable transport fork MiniJack:
Small investment for great efficiency!

Transport width

With only 90 cm base width it is ideal for use in small greenhouses and narrow spaces.

Tine length

We adjust the tine length to fit your needs.

Pot size

We customize the spacing to fit your pot and tray styles.

Work performance

More than fits in 2 hands: Moves up to a 100 pots per trip.

What started out as a sack truck for pots became a real all-rounder with inventive talent, practical ideas and engineering skills. As tinkerers, we love challenges like “Say, we actually need something…” – This is what happened when one of our long-standing customers, on a tour of his old, narrow greenhouses. He mentioned how strenuous it is for him and his employees to transport the pots in the old greenhouses. Individually grabbing and transporting the containers and pots by hand is very and labor intensive and physically demanding (and leads to chronic backs problems) on his team. But it can be done more effectively!

Our MiniJack can be used wherever yard loaders and forklifts reach their limits because they are too big or too heavy. Old greenhouses and container areas, poorly paved aisles and small nurseries – many reasons make the investment in large, expensive technology not worth it. With the MiniJack, you can work effectively even in this poorly accessible infrastructure and benefit from technical relief for your employees with a guaranteed quick return on investment!

With the MiniJack, the plants can be lifted and moved from the bed quite comfortably with a straight back. Powered wheel motors also make off-road travel a breeze. Effortlessly, you or your employees can move many thousands of pots throughout the day. The MiniJack’s batteries are also sufficient for long working days. Small switches on the handles make it easy to operate all functions without having to reach around. The lifting, lowering, wheel motor left and right functions can be operated individually. Above all, controlling the individual wheel motors makes it much easier to maneuver the MiniJack, even on soft surfaces. The MiniJack can be driven intuitively and without effort even into the last corner of your greenhouse. The operation is very easy and when the MiniJack is released, all functions stop immediately.

During our first operations, it became clear that our customer’s employees were able to move a lot of pots throughout the day, and the joy of working with the MiniJack was written all over their faces.

“With the MiniJack , heavy potty carrying in narrow aisles is a thing of the past.”


The MiniJack fork
is available with these dimensions.

Bed width (m)0,9-1,8
Transport width (m)0,9-1,8
Transport height (m)1
PotsAccording to customer requirement
Weight MiniJack (kg)160
Weight forks* (kg)10-25
Total weight (depending on configuration, plus weight of pots)ca.170-185
* Depending on the pot, eg. 17 pot 10kg/m, 9 pot 20kg/m

Large transport quantities

An employee can finally move more pots at once than can fit in his hands. The number of containers handled per work shift increases enormously with the MiniJack.


Cumbersome, heavy lifting and carrying wherever conventional yard loaders and forklifts don’t fit is a thing of the past with the MiniJack.

Different forks

With optional selectable forks and prongs, the MiniJack can be used for all types of pots and trays.

Low purchase price

The low price of our MiniJack ensures a quick return on investment and makes even old areas and existing greenhouses lucrative again.


The MiniJack
small solution for top logistics in the smallest space.

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