Solid TriSpacer transport fork
with settling function.

Adapted to your bed width

We adjust the number of forks and tines to your bed width.

Variable number of tines

Depending on your pot portfolio, we will customize your Solid TriSpacer for you.

Variable carrier vehicles

The Solid TriSpacer fits all carrier vehicles thanks to the FEM2 tine mount.

For all pot sizes

When changing pots, tine positions can be changed quickly.

The multi-talent that realizes all pot sizes and bed widths. The structure allows your wishes to be optimally taken into account. With little effort, your Solid TriSpacer can be adapted to any pot. If you don’t need the flexibility of the TriSpacer, the Solid TriSpacer may be your solution. This allows you to mount additional tines for different pots to keep your bed widths the same. Or simply use the Solid TriSpacer as an additional peak load breaker for your main back season with your classic pot size. We have developed the Solid TriSpacer, an affordable and at the same time flexible set-down fork, which should save you a lot of work.

The Solid TriSpacer combines the simplicity of the SolidJack with the technology of the TriSpacer.

The tines of the transport fork are clamped on a square tube with a torsion-resistant design and can be moved and positioned steplessly on the tube. So, in principle, any suitable pot can be accommodated and any bed width can be realized.

Pot sizePot Ø Bed width TriSpacer*Bed width Solid TriSpacer*
1,5 l1401450 (10)1950 (13)
2 l1701750 (10)1980 (11)
3 l1901950 (10)1950 (10)
5 l2301920 (8)
* (number of rows)


  • Bed widths vary with different pot sizes as the number of tines remains the same.
  • Different TriSpacers are needed for different bed configurations.

Solid TriSpacer

  • Their bed widths are preserved. We match the number of forks and tines to your bed configuration, not the other way around!
  • When changing pots, you can independently change the tine position in a short time.
  • In the standard configuration of an 8-row fork, the Solid TriSpacer is about 2/3 cheaper than a TriSpacer.
  • Each additional Solid TriSpacer then becomes 1/4 less expensive because the control is already in place.

“The Solid TriSpacer: your transport fork with settling function that adapts to your beds and pots.”


The Solid TriSpacer
is available in these variants.

Bed width (m)1-4
Transport width (m)1-4
Transport height (m)0,9
PotsAccording to customer requirement
Total weight*(depending on configuration, plus weight of pots)80kg – 640kg (e.g. 17 pot 1m – 9 pot 4m)
* Depending on the pot, eg. 17 pot 80kg/m, 9 pot 160kg/m

High stability

The use of high-strength sheet metal for our patented tine structure ensures high stability and outstanding resistance in daily use.


The Solid TriSpacer or their tine tops can be adjusted for any application and pot spacing. The tine position can be freely selected and later changed at any time.


No matter how your conditions change, the Solid TriSpacer keeps up: usable for different carrier vehicles and adaptable to all environmental variables.

Quickly available

The modular design enables cost- and space-efficient warehousing of all components, so that we can usually process orders within weeks.


The Solid TriSpacer
combines the simplicity of the SolidJack with the technology of the TriSpacer.

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