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You want to developa first-class product?

Are you looking for someone to realize your product idea, a special product requirement or your individual agricultural machine quickly and professionally? Your idea should not only be visualized, but take shape? This requires interdisciplinary knowledge in agricultural machinery theory and especially in agricultural practice.

Our expertise

Our designers shape your idea.

We have an agricultural background, a craftsman’s education and many years of design experience with agricultural machinery manufacturers. As a result, we passionately design engineering solutions with interdisciplinary knowledge that work great for you or your customers in the field and are affordable in your manufacturing.

“We accompany your idea until it is ready for the field and the market.”


How we work and what makes us
as a partner.

Design construction

In various designs, we also test approaches for you that may not look promising at first, but have great innovation potential. This reveals important issues and feasibility during design. Together with you, we will then choose the favorite from the variants. The simplest solution is the goal for us.

Calculation / FEM analysis

Unknown forces in the design of components are a recurring challenge in agricultural engineering. Through our empirical values and measurements we find out these forces. Before we start the FEM analysis, we like to calculate our components by hand. In a further iteration, the FEM analysis makes the exact force distributions visible and the previously created hand calculation shows the plausibility of the results.

Detail design

Only when you are completely convinced by the design and it has been agreed with you, do we start with the detailed design. Our focus is on functional reliability in the field, ease of use by the user, manufacturing and production costs. Because we know from experience that 80% of your manufacturing costs are already determined with the design.

Drawing creation

This is a very big difference for us compared to classic mechanical engineering. We know that we have to use 50% of our development time for the production-ready 3D design and another 50% to translate this design into 2D drawings. Therefore, we save as many 2D drawings as possible for the creation of your prototype and manufacture your assemblies directly from the CAD model. This will save you time and money!


In our prototyping shop, we bring your idea to reality. We attach great importance to the fact that the earthworker/designer also staples or assembles the assemblies. Our focus is on the documentation of feasibility and manufacturing. Good prototyping and corresponding optimizations save you money in series production.

Software and digital processes

Our selected software tools, e.g. NX and Teamcenter, as well as the digital processes in Humbee, are completely aligned with efficient documentation and processing of tasks in the development environment. As a result, we do not have a field of tension between production and development, as is often the case in manufacturing companies. With us, you save time and money in product development.

produCt development

The systematic path of our product development.


Understand customers

Discussions and workshops with customers and users are the foundation for your new product with production sophistication, unique selling points and market success. Crucial in this process are the questions that are asked. They help to outline the goals and requirements.


Develop concepts

In the application-related conception we systematize the ideas up to the structured solution. At the end of this process, the feasibility of each idea must be proven in the CAD model.


Designing the machine

Production-ready design is time and cost efficient, eliminating the need for additional 2D design drawings wherever possible.


Very close manufacturing support

The interface to the manufacturing of the prototype is our focus. In our eyes, this is the secret of a design that is suitable for production. When the designer has to bring his own design into reality during initial assembly, he notices all the errors. We therefore accompany the production of the prototypes very closely – especially with regard to costs and quality. Due to the good communication with our clients, changes can also be implemented quickly.


Pre-series machine manufacturing

For us, the support of pre-series production represents the best opportunity to uncover optimization potential in series production at suppliers and subcontractors as well as to create clarity for the following series production. Our claim is that a new product is also “loved” in its production.


Series production suitable for production

By consistently focusing on prototyping, production and subcontracting, we quickly and cost-effectively achieve a balanced, high-quality product that is fully ready for the market.

Industry experts

Our engineers can also
You support.


Do you want a technical solution to a problem that is costing you time and cash? We create technical solutions that work – in the field and not just on paper!


Do you have a task that needs to be improved and simplified with technology? You would actually need a machine that doesn’t even exist yet? Then we will find the solution together!


Workshops that get you there fast.

Do you have a development challenge that you could use support with?
We know from experience that asking the right questions helps to create an innovative product or an outstanding technical solution. As your partner, we would like to assist you with these questions and develop your individual machine.
Let us clarify initial details during a non-binding conversation. This allows us to prepare the right workshop questions for you. This is how we get to know you and understand your idea. The goal of the workshop is a concept, which you can then bring into realization either with us or by other means.

product development in agricultural engineering

Our engineers support you
to the extent that you need it.


With over 30 different development projects and more than 12,000 development hours, our team is also available to you in an advisory capacity with a high level of expertise and clever ideas.


Good ideas need structured approaches and honest assessments. We do not leave invention to chance, but look at it methodically and design with an application focus.


From the production-ready design of your machine to the production of the prototype, we take the time to ensure quality, cost efficiency and field tests – until market maturity

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